Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

The Core Values at the Center of Our Work

At Carter Research we believe the power of insight is exercised well through healthy choice and competition. We aim to create surplus value for our partners and to advance the greater good of the whole human family by radically transforming the business of school management and improving educational environments for everyone.

Priceless Value of the Human Person

The heart and mind of the human person are the greatest natural resources in the world. Born out of wonder and animated by passion—all creativity, innovation, and invention are man made. By learning how to harness this well we learn to unleash the best in all of us.

Choice and

Our respect for personal differences inspires us to provide others with good choices. By submitting to the forces of competition and inspiring a competititve spirit in others, we pursue excellence in itself and invite further improvements in choice and quality along the way.

Surplus Value

When hard work and purposeful effort come together, surplus value is the right result. It is the aim of our work to produce more than what is required, so that more goods and more value can be reinvested into our partnerships, repurposed to new ends, or given in charity to those whose labor is not yet so fruitful.

Power of Insight

At the heart of invention is insight. At the heart of innovation is insight. The power to pursuade, the power to outperform, and the power to provide surplus value are all born of the power of insight.