Expectations and Assessment

“The unexamined life is
not worth living.”

— Socrates
Program description

Expectations and Assessment

Research demonstrates that teacher quality is the single greatest driver of student achievement. But setting clear performance expectations and maintaining clear accountability systems to enforce (and reward) those expectations is how leading school networks encourage the highest standard of teaching and then support those teams with the resources they need to engage students and their families well.

Key Benefits:

performance measures

Identify the key performance measures to establish and maintain a culture of achievement

leadership and teaching practices

Replicate the key leadership and teaching practices required to produce quality outcomes at scale

job-imbeded professional development

Create job-imbeded professional development within daily school routines through the work of teaching teams

school into the home

Extend the expectations of the school into the home to make the home a center of learning

Best Practices & Implementation Support Tools:

School Self-Evaluation and Improvement Planning—a Framework to Measure, Diagnose, and Improve

Implementing Performance Measurement and Management Across the Learning Organization

Building Teaching Teams

Extending, Enriching, and Increasing Parental Accountability

Ensuring Sound Financial Management and Fiscal Stewardship

High Quality Programs & Services

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How It Works

peer coaching sessions

During the program participants enter into a peer coaching partnership with a co-participant. The peer coaching process is fundamental to the program and greatly enhances the learning process.

interactive sessions

Participants attend interactive online sessions. These sessions can be accessed from any desktop computer or mobile device allowing for minimal disruption to participants workday. Participants interact directly and engage in meaningful discussion pertinent program.

adaptive learning challenges

Participants take part in a number of adaptive leadership challenges. By contextualizing major themes within real world situations, the challenges reinforce key learning and equip participants to operationalize new approaches.

self-directed learning

Throughout the program, content and media for each module is accessible online and allows participants to engage with it any time from any device.

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