Whom We Serve

Whom We serve

School Network Leadership

Our goal at Carter Research is to positively transform the business of school management. By helping the highest performing school management organizations learn to replicate what works, we have proven what is possible. Now are working with school network leaders of every kind—public, private, and parochial—to scale their best practices and provide world-class learning on a financially sustainable basis for as many children as possible.

whom we serve

Creating New Capabilities Through Partnership

Every major social institution has a vested interest in the quality education of the young. No other national imperative is so great or so important. In order to advance the current state of our industry we actively seek out new partnerships to develop with others new collective capabilities to support the school network leaders we serve. Our partners include:


Need to be laboratories of applied research that help us articulate the social and educational challenges of our time and deploy innovations to address them effectively:

  • Serve their local communities as thought leaders of digital learning in global society
  • Recognize new revenues as hubs of professional development to the K-12 world
  • Sell instructional solutions “downstream” to improve incoming student quality while dramatically increasing the prospect pool for new students worldwide


Want access to one of the largest markets for goods and services but cannot navigate the fragmented marketplace, long sales cycles, and bureaucratic decision-making in K-12:

  • Create shared platform solution to match supply with demand across regional boundaries
  • Provide highly efficient channel sales by aggregating quality-focused customers en masse
  • Accelerate sales by competing on performance data and guaranteed student outcomes


Need insight and direction to aggregate and align their resources with their peers and dramatically accelerate the rate of education reform through collaborative investing:

  • Sponsor and convene best-practice learning collaboratives to qualify target investments
  • Develop best-practice dashboards of impact investing returns in educational ventures
  • Leverage cross-sector giving strategies to build new capacities in grantee organizations


Local, state, and national ministries of education need policies that can drive systemic education reform and coordinated partnerships with top providers to implement well:

  • Overcome legacy dependence on flawed delivery models and unsustainable revenue plans
  • Provide a complete legislative reform agenda to meet 21 st century learning standards
  • Assemble and deploy a complete educational solution to deliver on those standards


Need to manage with scarce resources while competing with partner organizations for the same philanthropic dollar. Collaborating with us they achieve new leverage:

  • Share intelligence and industry expertise across sectors to radically improve their services
  • Realize new economies of scale by accessing “time, talent, and treasure” across sectors
  • Increase the scope and reach of their social impact and donor giving


Want the opportunity to match the immense demand for better education with a new supply of best-in- class providers and bring capital investment to bear as a viable solution:

  • Overcome hopelessly fragmented market and byzantine product “adoption cycles”
  • Realize predictable revenue streams from sources of public funding
  • Solve our greatest social imperative—the quality education of the young at scale