School Network Operating Framework

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

— The Way of The Peaceful Warrior
Program description

School Network Operating Framework

Research demonstrates that school quality review and continuous school improvement are well-understood disciplines rigorously practiced by outstanding school operators. The best schools in the world are self-evaluating, self-improving institutions able to diagnose their problems and put strategies in place to solve them. Through systematic efforts, great networks bring added capacity to the very best of their schools and then leverage shared resources among them to elevate the system as a whole.

Key Benefits:

comprehensive assessment

Perform a comprehensive assessment of each school’s operational strengths and weaknesses

quality assurance framework

Deploy quality assurance framework to drive very specific and agreed outcomes across the network

resources management

Teach network schools to manage their resources more simply, more strategically, and at lower cost

sharing innovations

Deploy a systematic approach to capturing, improving, and sharing innovations that work

Best Practices & Implementation Support Tools:

School Quality Review and System Assessment of All Performance Criteria in Four Domains
• Intentional Learning Community
• Governance, Organizational Leadership, and Resource Management
• Teaching and Learning
• Student Attainment

Continuous Improvement Framework to Drive Improved Student Outcomes and Financial Returns

Ongoing Quality Assessment, Benchmarking, and Certification

High Quality Programs & Services

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How It Works

school quality review

At the beginning of the program, participants perform comprehensive school quality review to evaluate their schools' strengths and weaknesses in 413 criteria. Results from this assessment support an action plan and detailed improvement program.

interactive online community

During the program, participants access an interactive online portal which connects them with their fellow participants and a broader network of school leaders across the country.

peer coaching sessions

During the program participants enter into a peer coaching partnership with a co-participant. The peer coaching process is fundamental to the program and greatly enhances the learning process.

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